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Buying A Business
Just as Innovative Business Advisors (Innovative BA) takes calculated and specific steps to sell a business, they can use that same expertise to assist you in buying a company. The process is always confidential and we use the same team approach to produce the best outcomes and protect your investment.
Here are some of the questions used to establish the basis for our search?
  • What is your objective for buying a business?
  • What is your exit strategy once you have fulfilled that objective?
  • How will the new company integrate into your current operations or career performance?
  • What financial impact will the new company have on current finances, cash flow, operating capital, etc.?
  • What do you want to invest and how do you want the deal structured?
Our team approach pays big dividends, as we bring professional negotiators, local/regional/national market knowledge, and our collective of business owners, property owners, developers, business consultants, lawyers, business strategists, and financial analysts to your side. The Innovative BA Team brings depth to due diligence protecting your investment with knowledge and experience.
The most import step to ensure a company is priced appropriately and will stand up to due diligence is finding its true worth. Terry Lammers, Broker/Owner and CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst), is not simply a business appraiser. His valuation methodologies are based on experience, rigorous training, and certification through NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts). His knowledge will validate the asking price and strengthen your negotiating power. Should you seek institutional financing to make your deal, you will be prepared for any financial scrutiny associated with the asking price and value of the business. Fair market value pricing is key to a successful sale.
Since reactions to the sale or purchase of a business vary widely from customers and competitors, to employees, vendors and creditors, it is important to manage confidentiality in a professional and consistent manner. Maintaining privacy allows you to operate normally, while the search/buying process is underway. All marketing communications, internal and external, are generated through Innovative BA and distributed with care in a timely and effective manner.
This phase demonstrates perhaps the greatest value in hiring Innovative BA. We leverage 100+ years of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate, business development, financial analysis, financing, legal strategies, real estate development, and general management to negotiate the best price and present qualified offers to the seller. As is customary, negotiations between you and the seller take place through your Innovative BA Team. We select the most knowledgeable and experienced industry specific members of our team to support your purchase.
Once your letter of intent is accepted, your InnovativeBBG Team guides you through the closing process, monitoring any required contingencies, terms, and conditions necessary to close the transaction. All known and unknown obstacles must be removed efficiently and without procrastination. When the efforts of the entire team – seller (owners, investors, corporate shareholders, LLC members, family members), buyer, attorneys, tax and financial analysts, lenders, insurance representatives, inspectors, landlords, title companies, any regulatory agencies, and all other outside stakeholders and interested parties- have successfully satisfied the contingencies, will closing occur.
Typically, the seller pays a fee to InnovativeBBG at the closing of the sale, unless otherwise stipulated in advance. In that event, our fees are highly competitive, carefully outlined at the outset, and locked into the relationship agreement, which is signed by all parties.
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Illinois Office
784 Wall St., Suite 100M • O'Fallon, IL 62269
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Illinois Office
784 Wall St., Suite 100M
O'Fallon, IL 62269
Missouri Office
8000 Bonhomme Ave, Ste 416
Clayton, MO 63105
All Content Copyright IBA © 2014-2017