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Innovative Business Brokerage Group
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Business Valuation
Terry Lammers, Broker/Owner of Innovative BA and CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst), is not simply a business appraiser. His valuation methodologies are based on experience, rigorous training, and certification through NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuation Analyst). If you have already received a preliminary business valuation, it will be carefully reviewed and approved by Terry prior to final listing.
VALUATION OF YOUR BUSINESS – We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this essential first step to fair market value pricing and its bearing on a successful sale. If your company is priced appropriately, it will stand up to due diligence. Valuable time is lost if you are unable to validate your selling price, should a buyer seek institutional financing. Regardless, the valuation acts as proof - that the buyer is paying a fair price; proof that one can make the purchase and profitably run the business; or proof that your company is worth the investment. With Innovative BA as your representative, a certified valuation eliminates the subjectivity and offers accepted proof of authenticity. Here’s an outline of the process. Not all listed criteria are required for all valuations:
Purpose of Valuation
Standard and Premise of Value
Date of Valuation
Scope of the Engagement
Company Information
Summary Description of the Company
Site Visit - SWOT
Organizational Information
d Shareholder Information
Related Party Information
Key Management
Basis of Officer/ Owner Compensation
Board of Directors
Products / Services and Markets
Competition and Product Differentiation
Product Lines
Economic Conditions and Industry Data
Overview of the National Economy
Leading Indicators
Industry Production
Consumer Confidence
Overview - Local Economy
Overview - Industry
Financial Performance of the Company
Financial Information Provided by the Company
Historic Income Statement
Common Size Income Statement
Historic Balance Sheet
Common Size Balance Sheet
Financial Statement Analysis
Income Statement Adjustments
Normalized Income Statement
Income Statement Analysis
Balance Sheet Adjustments
Normalized Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Analysis
Ratio Analysis
Summary of Financial Performance
Valuation Methods and Conclusion
Income Approach
Capitalization of Benefits Method
Cost of Capital
The Market Approach
Merged and Acquired Method
The Asset Approach
Valuation Adjustments
Discount for Lack of Control
Discount for Lack of Marketability
Valuation Final Conclusion
Current Listings
Buy a Biz
Sell Your Biz
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Illinois Office
784 Wall St., Suite 100M • O'Fallon, IL 62269
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Illinois Office
784 Wall St., Suite 100M
O'Fallon, IL 62269
Missouri Office
8000 Bonhomme Ave, Ste 416
Clayton, MO 63105
All Content Copyright IBA © 2014-2017